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Europcell sources and supplies wood pulp, paper and board products around the world. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we know how it works. We have local knowledge and relationships all over the world, and combine this with German dependability and reliability.

Our goal in every transaction is to get a win-win for supplier and customer. Responsive, trustworthy, service and solution-focused, Europcell delivers solutions that work, whether you are a supplier or a buyer.



Europcell was founded 1995 and is headquartered in Germany. As a preferred partner of the international forest industry for wood pulps, packaging papers and graphical papers, we are well established in all major markets. We are also a specialist supplier of fibers and raw materials to the fiber cement and viscose fiber industry. Our worldwide representations include 12 own offices, and we speak more than 15 languages. We’re local, everywhere.

Our focus is on the people we work with and for – customers, suppliers and staff. People are our most important asset and team-building is a priority.

Our vision is sustainable growth based on long term value. Every day over 60 employees from 15 countries work hard to serve our international business partners.

Our markets in Asia are served by our group company Europcell Hong Kong Ltd.